4 indispensable fields in your inspection form.

You already digitized a lot within your company. Your payroll, your customer contacts and your invoicing. But why stop at your inspections? It is precisely there that a lot of profit can be made by digitizing your inspection forms. We are not just talking about the enormous amount of time that you can gain, but also about the accurate processing of all the data that is processed in these forms. Process everything in one place and then through a workflow specifically set to your wishes, directly at the place where it should be stored and archived.

Several fields are indispensable in an inspection form. In this blog we highlight 4 of them to show you how versatile they can be for your entire organization.

Photo fields

Photos of all inspection bottlenecks when words and description fall short. A picture says more than 1000 words and that can be taken very literally in this case. The photos can be edited with different colours, for example to make a problem area stand out even more clearly. The photos are processed in the form and therefore do not have to be delivered, through mail, separately to the office.

Scan the barcode

Scan QR and barcodes directly in the form with your mobile phone or tablet. The scanned information is immediately displayed in the linked input field, so that materials, articles and building identification are easily recorded without having to enter them manually. Forgetting or incorrectly entering this important information is therefore a thing of the past.

Signature field

By signing the inspection form by both the employee and the customer, it is confirmed that the delivered inspection is in agreement with all work, hours and materials. After the client signed the form, the inspection is blocked for further adjustments and the people at the office and the client receive a PDF of the completed and signed form. Legally valid and time-saving because everything is handled on location.

Documenting locaction through GPS

By providing the inspections with GPS location data, these can be clearly displayed on a map. This makes it easy to keep track of your team and project progress at the office. The inspection locations can be mapped out in advance or created directly on site.

An extra pro tip from Tablet Forms for you. Do you want to make sure that all information has been entered. That all fields have been handled correctly? Make the most important fields “Mandatory”. The form cannot be processed / sent without completing all mandatory fields. An extra reminder for the person who completes the procedure and an extra tool for the person who processes all the information at the office.

Are you curious about what TabletForms can do for your inspections? Ask one free demo account and experience this for yourself and your company.

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