The digital work order

The work order, a necessary and very important part of the daily work for both self-employed and field service employee and his manager. Crucial information about what work needs to be done and the customer's signature is required to create the invoice. A physical work order also has its disadvantages, such as manuscripts that are difficult to read, the absence of photos of work done, the rain, the print that is not readable by the customer, and so on and so forth.

Tablet Forms digital work orders are an effective and affordable option for anyone who works with work orders. From fields that are filled in automatically with customer data to the automatic sending of the work order as PDF to both the customer and the office after the signature has been placed.

To better understand this time-saving, always easy to read alternative, we have highlighted a standard work order for you below.

Customer name
Option to add pre-linked customer lists. Manual entry is possible, but if you have many of the same customers it is possible to select by name and then all known data such as address, email, telephone and contact person will be added automatically.

The date of the day on which the work order is processed by the employee is automatically entered.

Working hours
Working hours completed by the employee are converted to hours and the option of adding travel times as kilometers completes the picture

A clear description of the work with a field that automatically adapts to the amount of text you need.

Used Materials
Entering used materials and direct calculation of price including VAT

Add Photos
Add photos directly to the work order and edit them with notes where necessary.

The customer and employee put their signature in the digital form, after which the form is blocked for further adjustments.

A direct invoice
The form has been completed and at the push of a button it will be sent by email to both customer and office. There is a possibility to immediately attach an invoice to it so that all administrative actions are done immediately and one does not have to process all the information again at the office and have to make a separate invoice.

The digital work orders also offer the possibility to be partially pre-filled by the office with customer information and the expected work, details or photos of pre-situations, so that the employee does not have to look for all the information on the spot before starting work. Are you now also curious how digital work orders can make your work easier and how Tablet Forms can help you?

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