The legality of the electronic signature.

According to the European eIDAS regulation and the Electronic Signature Act (Civil Code, Article 15a), a digital signature has the same legal value as a handwritten signature on paper. Three different levels of legally valid electronic signatures are described:

1. The ordinary electronic signature. This is the simplest variant, for example a scan of the paper document signature with the pen written signature or a scanned signature pasted under an email as an image.

2. The advanced electronic signature. This kind of signature is also referred to as “digital signature” and uses mathematical techniques to associate a unique code with the document. The code is unique to that signature document and cannot be used to forge it.

3. The qualified electronic signature. This involves checking the electronic signature using a certificate issued by a recognized certification service provider. Suppliers of this technology must be registered with telecom regulator OPTA.

The digital signature of TabletForms

TabletForms uses the so-called advanced electronic signature. The signature within the form uses mathematical techniques to create a unique code that is specific only to the signed form. In addition to the signature, data such as name, date, time and, if desired, GPS location are also recorded during signing.

After the digital signature is placed, the form is blocked. After signing, nothing can be changed or added and both parties immediately receive a PDF file of the signed form.

The advantages of the digital signature within the forms as used with TabletForms.

  • Draw directly into the document by hand or stylus
  • A unique code is generated for each signature. Each document is provided with a unique document number
  • Name, date and time are recorded during signing. If desired, the GPS location can be recorded to.
  • For a possible extra check you can add a photo of the person drawing
  • Documents are blocked after signature is added.
  • Parties immediately receive a PDF file of the signed document

Efficient, quick and legal!   

Wherever you are, your signature and that of your client, customer or employee can be put at any time. Printing, drawing, scanning and sending back by email are things of the past.

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