Avoid the Friday peak

In many companies, Friday is often the time to hand in all work orders and timesheets for what has been achieved this week. This information comes in in various forms such as:

  • Paper forms with unreadable handwriting, coffee circles just where the signature should be.
  • Crumpled papers, torn papers, wet papers.
  • E-mails with photos belonging to paper work order x.
  • Emails with the days and hours in plain text
  • By phone because the work order has been lost
  • enz.

The non-structured delivery of all this information creates an enormous peak in the workload at the office, which then has to find everything together in order to process it correctly in their system. It is often only then that the officeworker finds out that the information supplied is incorrect or incomplete, so the officeworker has chase after it, often again, to get it completed.

Tablet Forms offers tailor-made solutions. For everyone in your company. But especially for those who are responsible for collecting and managing all information flows

They are able to do their jobs well, without the aforementioned problems of unreadable information and coffee-stained forms left on their desks at the end of the day. Do not have to chase people all day for additional information. No hassle with sending photos separately or even having to return to the location because the photos and / or crucial signature has been forgotten.

All information received at the same time. No peak workload at the end of the week or end of the working day. All information dosed within and completed.

Preparing work with the information that is available in advance. The specifications known in advance, attaching manuals, address details of the customer and the location where the work must be performed.

Supported by mandatory fields, you can be sure that everything is completed before it comes your way. The photo attachment can be immediately stored in the right place and the data flows immediately.

We would be happy to discuss the daily problems of you and your employees and how we can solve them. Both outside and within the office environment. Click Here to request a free 30-day demo account to get a taste of what Tablet Forms can do for you.

Tablet Forms make work flow.

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