Designer: “Tabel”

The possibility of making your own form in the Tablet Form Designer has been existing for a while now. But like we do with every product from Tablet Forms we keep working on our Designer. We keep on looking for ways to increase the ways for easy access and use of our products for all our customers.

Through the use of the existing drag and drop system you have always been able to quickly create your own form and adjust it to your own liking with, for example, your own company colors and logo.

Now we added a new feature for you.

You can now also add tables to your form using the same drag and drop format. A calculation of working hours, material costs and / or types of work and their costs. You can now put it all in a table in the form you created yourself.

Drag or click on the table field (bottom left) and you can make the field properties visible using the pencil icon.


Naam of the Table

Text and Background colour

You are able to change them to your desired colour so they fit your companies style and logo.


You are able to adjust the table to the size you desire and you are able to show the amount of rows visable from the start and hide an amount not directly visable.

By showing just a certain amounts of rows visable your forms looks shorter and cleaner but when needed those rows appear one by one when you add data to an already visable row.


The standard is that a table exists from 3 columns. You are able to expand to this through the button: Add Collumn. Add Collumn.


The collomns will be added with the amount of rows you earlier set. You are now able to name each collumn and give it a purpose.

Through the menu you are able to choose from different field functions.

  • Text field
  • Memo field ( this one grows along with your notes)
  • Text/question field ( in this field you can ask a different question, make a remark on each row)
  • Number field
  • Datumveld
  • Time field
  • Optionlist


You can add to the optionlist through clicking on the pencil icon. You are able to make different lists in different collumns.

Through use of the pencil Icon behind the optionlist you are able to fill out each optionlist.

Calculations, checks and conditional logic

by using an onchange script the desired calculations and checks can be added so that the form responds directly to the entered values. Hours worked, material costs and total km are immediately visible

For more detailed information about any scripts to be added, we refer you to the help page in our portal.

For additional information you are welcome to contact us, we are happy to help you.

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