Form features


Based on experience and multiple business processes, forms have been enhanced
with smart logic to ensure that all information is captured accurate, complete and on time.

List of form features


Lock further adjustments after the customer’s signature

Show additional form areas based on conditional logic

Add photos directly to the form and edit them

Alerts that check mandatory fields

Barcode and QRcode scanner

Calculations and if-then-else formulas

GPS data and time stamps

Fields with conditional option list

Sub forms

Linking attachments such as floor plans and technical drawings

Manage customer optionlists and items optionlists with ease


Switch between languages within the form


Display the form in the user’s language which makes working international no problem at all. Questions, optionlists, alerts and the form menu are all translated for optimal user experience.

Workflow features

Smart workflows make sure that the form follows the unique process of your organization so that all information
is available for the right people at the right time and place.

List of workflow features


Send form output to multiple recipients at the same time

Multiple workflow routes based on conditional logic of form data entered

Add a required approval for further output processing

Send a form to another user for further processing

Generate new forms with data from an already processed form

Combine form output based on project or workorder numbers

Automatically create invoices based on form data

Give customers access to add a signature


Output features

Form output is tailored to the requested file format for easy processing and integration in your business process.

List of output features


Standard output PDF, images and XML files

Custom-made output formats available

Export forms via e-mail, ftp, web services and applications such as Dropbox, Microsoft Onedrive, Google Drive, etc.

Merge output files and enrich with extra data

Generate custom reports

Link to third-party web services

Audit trail of, user, time, location and value for each form field


API Webservice features

TabletForms contains a suite of powerful Api webservices so that users, forms, and option lists can be created
and updated directly by your own system software.



Create forms with pre-filled data

Assign forms to users

Change form name

Change form status

Delete forms



Create users

Update user information

Activate and deactive users

Delete users

Assign templates to users



Create optionlists

Update optionlists

Assign optionlists to templates