New features in app update 1.9 Tablet Forms.

In the latest update of the apps from Tablet Forms for both iOS and Android, two features have been added.

Barcode/QR code scanner

With this new feature, it is possible to scan a Barcode and / or QR codes when the data is processed directly in the form.

This is a time-saving feature , especially if you have many devices to monitor with additional data. You also avoid possible errors because the data no longer has to be entered manually.

Saving during work

Another new feature is interim storage. Forms become more and more complicated and longer and as a result also contain more and more data. From now on it is possible to build in interim storage in your forms at times determined by you. The data is stored locally so that nothing is lost in case of loss of your tablet / phone. Available Offline and Online. If you are interested in activating these features in your current forms, please contact TabletForms.

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