The solution to keep an overview in a user-friendly map environment

€ 0.05 per GPS object
  • Access IOS / Android apps and web portal
  • Helpdesk and support
  • Multiple user roles
  • User account is device independent
  • Unlimited amount of maps
  • Unlimted amount of users
  • Minimum 5000 GPS objects (monthly billing)

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Tablet Forms Maps is used for objects that can be found at a fixed location, such as lamposts, electrical cabinets, distribution stations, but also homes, bus shelters, etc. All processes can be completed with the custom digital forms. Examples are replacing the light source, inspecting and recording the installation or installing solar panels.

Yes, you can directly add a new object in the app. The GPS location of the tablet or mobile phone is also immediately recorded so that the new object also appears on the map with the correct coordinates.

Customer can monitor the progress of the project live with a read-only account. This allows objects to be viewed but not modified. Using the export function, a customer can also download the data for further analysis and reports.

As soon as an object is processed, its status changes and a workflow is started. This can be sending an e-mail, but also that a new object is created in a job related map. An example of this is the inspection of a location in the “Survey” map. As soon as it has been inspected, the map "Installation" will create the same location containing the installation form.

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