Adding files to digital forms.

Even in the digital age it is sometimes necessary to carry background information around with you in a folder because, for example, you need to be able to see that manual or to be able to show that you are carrying the safety regulations during any checks.
This information is usually located in a thick folder in the back seat of your car or on the corner of your desk. Carrying this folder around can cause annoyance from time to time because it is not always necessary but you are required to carry it with you.
An additional work instruction is another example. You have an extensive work instruction for your employee, but if this has to be processed in the digital form, it becomes all very unclear to find the right information between everything else.

For these moments, it is now possible within Tablet Forms to attach an additional file through an attachment to the form. This is in the portal or app behind the form via a paperclip image. Here you can add any attachment that applies to the form to be completed but is not necessary for the actual completion. Separating the information flows so that the speed of completion is guaranteed, but your employee still carries all possible additional information if he / she needs it on the work floor.

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