Update TabletForms Maps

After the major update of Tablet Forms Documents at the beginning of this year, it is now also the turn of the Tablet Forms Maps app and portal. The layout and operation of TFMaps has been thoroughly addressed, with ease of use being the main priority. In this blog we tell you about the main points that have changed or improved. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us via the contact form on this website, via email info@tablet-forms.nl or call us on 085 0499260.

With user convenience first, a lot of work has been done recently to renew TF Maps.
Everything is available at a glance and there is a clear tab system to direct the user to the correct pages. The dashboard is the first thing the administrator sees when he or she logs in. The user ends up directly in the cards section where they can start working immediately.

Make your own forms

One of the new features that you can now find in your TF Maps account is the Designer. With the Designer you have the possibility to easily create your own form by simply dragging fields on the form flat. In between, the form can be saved to view an example. In our help pages the workings of the Designer is described in detail.

Create your own export and workflow

When your form is complete, it can be linked to a card in the form details screen. As soon as you start a new location in the map, the linked form opens and you can start recording the data. This can also be done by other users and does not depend solely on the administrator of the account.

Create map export file
In the CSV Export section you can enter the field names of the form that must be included in the CSV export of the map. This allows you to determine exactly which data of the completed form must be further processed for analysis and in which order.
The field names are separated by a list separator; for example: tf_fieldname_01; tf_fieldname_02; etc.

Immediately informed by e-mail
In the E-mail box you have the possibility to send a form directly with an email message with attachment (PDF of the form) when saving. All email details entered in the form can be used for this, so that you can also determine who should receive the message.

In our help function, you can always get additional information and details about setting up the CSV export and E-mail settings.

TFMaps Form settings

GPS points change colour immediately

From now on, the colour and therefore the status of a location can be determined while filling in the form. This can be done based on a status field or a combination of several chosen options in the form. Once the form is saved you are back on the map, the location GPS point is already the correct colour, without having to refresh first.

This new option is available in the portal as well as in the iOS and Android apps.

New “Read only” user function for customers

With the new “read only” feature, you can give your customers direct access to cards without having to adjust the forms. You have access to the PDF files of the locations and the export data, but the processing of the forms remains only available to your employees.

Users with read-only rights are limited to logging in via the browser and cannot access the iOS and Android apps.

In this way you can offer your customers a real-time overview of the progress of the project.

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