Always a perfect solution


The many features and possibilities of TabletForms ensure that there is always a solution that fits your business processes.

The following customer stories are examples of realized solutions where the paperwork method has been replaced with TabletForms.

This immediately resulted in less errors, higher efficiency and accelerated delivery times.

Jan Reiling B.V. located in Maarheeze has been specialized in the field of DEMAG process cranes for 50 years.

Jan Reiling B.V. excels in designing and delivering complex, non-standard, crane systems.
They have the necessary knowledge, experience and improvisation to deliver the best solution for their customer.
The company has a separate department which services full-time inspections and approvals of crane equipment.

Too slow

“There were numerous reasons to make the transfer from paper to digital forms. The two most important were speed and completeness of information.” says Marcel Snoek, Technical Service Manager at Jan Reiling B.V

Due to the fact that employees can be on location for several days throughout the entire country, the feedback from the paper to office is often slow and there is a chance that it is not complete

Same forms, but on a tablet

Both the service order form and the inspection report form were digitized by TabletForms. Both forms have the same look and feel as the paper version so that employees immediately recognize the forms and can start entering the information as they are used to.

The forms can be pre-filled with customer and order information, and are directly made available in the employee’s TabletForms app, but can also be created by the employee himself within the app. This functionality was evident in the analysis of the work process.


Service order form:

Service order form can be pre-filled and assigned directly to employees

Work order number: Automatically unique numbers of the service ticket

Work times: Date, time and Km registration for multiple employees

Mandatory signature of the customer for approval

Block further changes after customers signature

Inspection report form:

Create inspection report forms with pre-filled data from last year’s inspection and assign to employees

Take photographs of the inspection with the ability to annotate them

Exclude double choices, restrict to 1 chosen option

Automatic filtering of the processed forms so that only the yet to be completed are displayed


Daily report

The service order forms and inspection report forms are merged by work order number and also an action list report is generated with all outstanding actions of all the cranes.

Everything is automatically sent to the customer and Jan Reiling at the end of the day as a single email.

“Having immediate access to information and insight into our order progress enables us to act instantly, bill faster and provide our customers with efficient and professional service.”


Adviesbureau Dakbestek, based in Almere, is an expert on roofing consulting.

Both flat and inclined. Dakbestek operates nationally and provides services such as; Condition measurements, inspection / advisory reports and mutiple years maintenance plans and budgets (MJOP / B).

Crucial part of the process is the inspection of the current state of the roof.

Error sensitive

The inspection of the roofs is done by writing notes on paper and taking pictures on location. After that, the notes are re-entered at the office, calculations are made, the correct pictures are sorted out and imported, and then a report is generated for the customer. With so many sources of information, this is a time-consuming and error-sensitive component in the process.

Inspection and report in one!

“We were looking for a way to capture all information in a user-friendly way. At the same time, we had a great wish / demand that the customer report would be generated automatically for immediate delivery. ” says Julien Stevens, Director at Adviesburo Dakbestek

After a thorough analysis of the “Customer Report”, TabletForms developed an inspection form that allows employees to capture all information in a structured manner, according to their working method.

By folling in the measured values, the required calculations, such as heat resistance and maintenance costs, are immediately visible. Photos are taken with the tablet and automatically included in the form and can be annotated for extra clarity.
Materials can be chosen quickly and easily using a search filter. 


Inspection forms are pre-filled with project and customer information

Required fields ensure that all required information is captured

Calculations heat resistance and maintenance costs

Added description from option lists

Color coding condition based on score

Materials list with searchfilter

Photos of inspection with the ability to annotate them

Customer report directly generated as PDF file



Customer report

Once the inspection form has been sent, a complete customer report will be created including all recorded data, choices, calculations and photos. This is sent as a PDF file to Adviesburo Dakbestek, and can be forwarded directly to the customer

 “On-the-spot processing of all data without having to collect, calculate and merge afterwards saves us a lot of time, errors are avoided and we can provide our customers immediately the correct advice and information they desire”

Buitenbeheer Klijmij is an expert in gardening and provides services such as taking care of trees and advises about the maintenance of your garden, land and cemeteries.

Simplicity requested

Assignments were often carried out over several days, with additional forces and hired material being used. In addition, all hours and materials had to be managed on site so that the customer had a clear overview and could sign for all the services provided.

All information also had to be made available to Buitenbeheer Klijmij’s bookkeeper.

“I did not want to spend hours on administration at the end of my working day,” says Anton Klijmij, owner of Buitenbeheer Klijmij.


Smart work order form

By analyzing the workflow and taking into account all the input moments and receiving parties, TabletForms together with Outdoor Management Klijmij developed a smart work order form that could be filled in on the tablet form app with the following functionality:


Customer list: Selection from the various customers where all address and contact information is filled in automatically

Calculated working hours: The ability to enter multiple days and employees, and calculating the worked hours automatically

Services: Description and amount of services and with price per piece so that the total price with VAT is calculated directly.

Materials: Description and amount of materials with price per piece so that the total price with VAT is calculated directly. Also taking into account the variable VAT amounts

Photos of serviced work with the ability to annotate them.

Mandatory signature of the customer for approval

Block further editing after customer’s signature.



Immediate invoice

Once the work order form has been sent from the app, an invoice with a unique invoice number is created, including all the work and material costs of the order.

The invoice is sent as a PDF file including the delivery terms to both the customer, the accountant and the Buitenbeheer Klijmij office by e-mail, so that all information is immediately available.

“Delivering the work order form and invoice automatically to both clients and bookkeeper makes me able to focus on my work and assignments without worrying about the administration.”